DOCTOR WHO To Air Two-Part Episode In The U.S.

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
DOCTOR WHO To Air Two-Part Episode In The U.S.
Doctor Who season nine returns on BBC with special two-part episode to air in the U.S.

“DOCTOR WHO” returns to BBC for season nine with Ingrid Oliver playing UNIT scientist Osgood. We know that in the last season, the Doctor’s biggest fan  was killed by Missy, played by Michelle Gomez. However, Steven Moffat decided to bring him back after his demise in season eight, “Death in Heaven”.

The lead writer and executive producer of DOCTOR WHO, Steven Moffat has decided to bring the character back. He said that Osgood is now back, fresh from his recent murder at the end of the last series, reported BWW. Although we have confirmed that Osgood was indeed murdered, a show about time travel can bring anybody back.

At this point where the Doctor’s number one fan has been brought back from the dead, can he still trust her?

The last time Osgood was present in DOCTOR WHO was during the invasion of Cybermen army on Earth led by the Master’s female incarnation. This time, she is back in action in the new season wherein she would face extra-terrestrial Zygons that are also known to possess shape-shifting abilities. The last time we spotted them was during “The Day of the Doctor”, the show’s 50th anniversary episode.

Ingrid Oliver said about her reappearance that every actor who has worked with DOCTOR WHO will tell you that there will always be hope about getting a character come back. She added that to be able to get the call to reappear for the show is both brilliant and unexpected. Ingrid also said, “The word ‘honor’ gets banded about a lot, but it really is, it’s an honor. Especially because I was so sure Osgood was a gonner after the last series!”

The two part episode of DOCTOR WHO is currently shot in Wales. It has been written by Peter Harness, who also wrote, “Doctor Who – ‘Kill the Moon”, “Jonathan Strange” and Mr Norrell”, “Wallander”. The new episode will be produced by Peter Bennett and directed by “Line of Duty” director Daniel Nettheim.

The cast for DOCTOR WHO includes Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Clara Oswald will be played by Jenna Coleman. Meanwhile, guest roles include Jemma Redgrave, Cleopatra Dickens, Jaye Griffiths, Todd Kramer, Sasha Dickens, Abhishek Singh, Nicholas Asbury, Aidan Cook, Jack Parker and Jill Winternitz.

DOCTOR WHO is slated to be released in the United States in autumn of 2015. Further guest roles for the new episode of the show will be announced over the coming months.

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