Doctors gear up for the love season in Grey’s Anatomy

By admin | 7 years ago

Grey’s Anatomy

Eight seasons of the medical show have been completed and love blooms in the air for the usual culprits as there seems to be a dearth for new romantic angles. It is all good for Bailey who gets serenaded by her boyfriend inside the hospital which is convenient and romantic at the same time. Lexie Grey is turning out to have an emotional rollercoaster with a complex love life which in all honesty is a surprise for the audience.

The buzz is strong for a video created by Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl for her daughter Naleigh who is all but four years old. It was uploaded by the actress a month ago on her website for all the netizens to see. Singer Josh Kelly features in the video with her daughter who they adopted from Korea. The video shows a song dedicated to the daughter and is titled “Naleigh Moon” along with a song from Kelly’s previous single album “Georgia Clay” that came out last year. The theatres in Korea will witness the release of Heigl’s new movie “One for the Money” next Thursday.

Jesse Williams turns on the heat as he was voted the sexiest man currently on television. This could give a huge boost to the show as it completes eight seasons of medical drama and much more. Ladies are all over Williams who has chiseled looks and body to die for. One of the best features that have the ladies going crazy over the hunk is his blue eyes. He is a smart guy as well as he taught at the Philadelphia High School before finding his ultimate love in acting that has endeared him to many.

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