Documents released say associate said Hernandez was Shooter

By admin | 5 years ago

On Tuesday, Carlos Ortiz was in court and in just over three minutes agreed to be held without bail and then taken back to his cell.

Onlookers and media at the time did not know that the 27-year old curly haired skinny man from Connecticut is becoming the star witness for the prosecution against Aaron Hernandez for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

Documents that had been filed in the state of Florida showed that Ortiz told the police that his friend Ernest Wallace said that Hernandez had shot the gun that was used in the killing of Lloyd, an associate of Hernandez and a semipro football player.

The court documents also revealed that law enforcement authorities found that a vehicle, which was being searched for in a Boston double homicide in 2012 was rented in the name of Hernandez.

The documents were given to a judge to justify a search warrant at the Miramar, Florida residence of Wallace, who authorities said was also in the car the night of the Lloyd murder.

The documents said Ortiz told police that after him, Wallace and Hernandez picked Lloyd up in Boston, they headed toward the North Attleborough home of Hernandez.

Ortiz then said Hernandez was upset that Lloyd was hanging out with people the former New England tight end did not like. However, the two shook hands and the disagreement seemed to be put away.

Ortiz said they stopped the car and three of the men got out to urinate. Ortiz then said he heard gunshots before Wallace and Hernandez re-entered the car and sped away without Lloyd.

All three men are in jail without bail on numerous charges.

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