Dog Comforts a Friend in the Middle of a Bad Dream

By Dondi Tiples | 3 years ago
Dog Comforts a Friend in the Middle of a Bad Dream
PHOTOGRAPH: Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons | Labradoodle male Australian 9 months

Dogs do dream. Just ask any pet owner who’s had to listen to agonized whimpers and outright yelps from sleeping canines. Not to mention having to suffer through a furry friend’s spasmodic jerking limbs as the poor animal tries to run and escape. This video shows just how compassionate other dogs are when they see their pals in the throes of a nightmare.

Jackson is an adorable one-year-old chocolate brown Double Doodle. That is to say, he’s half goldendoodle and half labradoodle. Asleep on one end of the family sofa, he starts his REM phase with a dream that rapidly descends into nightmare territory.

With his mouth open, gasping, and his paws churning the air in dreamland flight, Jackson is a picture of a puppy in distress, as he flees whatever horror he appears to behold in his sleep.

Enter Laika, apparently an older dog, perhaps the matriarch of the canine family in residence. Leaping up on to the couch, she pounces on and straddles a struggling Jackson, who is fortunately arrested from his bad dream.

Her tail down in misery and her body stiff with alertness, Laika rescues her pal from what would otherwise be a veritable day-ruiner.

The empathy shown by this older dog could very well give us humans a lesson on compassion. How many times have we allowed bad things to happen to other people because, well, it isn’t really any of our business.

Laika tops off her saving maneuver with a comforting hug for Jackson, who gently sighs in relief at his timely salvation. Endearingly sweet snuggle fest follows.

Bad dreams do happen to dogs — to people too. The only difference is that dogs don’t have to second guess themselves before rushing over to lend a hand.

Does that mean canines are actually superior to human beings? Contemplate that while you view the awesome video of Jackson and his savior, Lyka. Click here.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ CC BY-SA 3.0


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