Dolph Ziggler And Kane New Movie From WWE Studios: More Wrestling Superstar’s Pile-driving Their Way To Hollywood

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Dolph Ziggler And Kane New Movie From WWE Studios: More Wrestling Superstar’s Pile-driving Their Way To Hollywood

WWE professional wrestlers Dolph Ziggler and Kane are pile-driving their way to Hollywood. WWE Studios recently announced that both wrestlers will share the bill in the upcoming movie “6:42.” Read on.

Ziggler and Kane star in a drug-bust-gone-wrong-turned-mad-bomber-ransom-plot. Ziggler plays Ray Fitzpatrick is a hardened beat cop of the narcotics division in a Los Angeles precinct. His daily police routine goes completely awry when a risky drug entrapment forced him to shoot a partner.

Kane plays the supervisor of the department (Lt. Cronin) who gives Fitzpatrick a free pass from his suspension. He did it when a mysterious package drags the whole unit to a hi-tech cat-and-mouse game with a wicked kidnapper. The main antagonist has a time-bomb fastened to his kidnap victim who happens to be a child. The title of this upcoming WWE Studios movie “6:42” comes from the time frame that is set before the explosive device.

For a full narrative of this upcoming action-packed thriller, you can check out the official WWE website.

This is Ziggler’s debut on the silver screen. Kane was last seen reprising his titular character on the WWE Studios movie, “See No Evil in 2” in 2014 which was a follow-up to 2006 horror flick of the same name.

According to Wrestling Inc., due to this WWE Studios movie project, Ziggler (Nicholas Nemeth in real life) and Kane (Thomas Jacobs in real life) were written off briefly in the WWE wrestling universe. Ziggler was involved in an altercation with Rusev which severely bruised his trachea. Kane, on the other hand, had a feud storyline with Brock Lesnar. The latter indefinitely putting the “monster from hell” out of action indefinitely due to a smashed ankle.

WWE Studios most recent movie undertaking is “Vendetta” which starred The Big Show. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” first began his Hollywood career with “The Scorpion King,” “The Rundown,” and “Walking Tall” which were all released under WWE Studios.

In related wrestling news, WWE superstar John Cena in an interview with MTV UK divulged that he is not leaving WWE anytime soon for a different career path.

“My life is with WWE. And at 38 years old I tell everybody I feel as strong and as good as ever,” Cena said as he reassured his fans.

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