Under the Dome Season 2 Spoilers: Episode 1 Heads Will Roll Introduces New Characters and Devastating Deaths

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Under the Dome Season 2 Spoilers: Episode 1 Heads Will Roll Introduces New Characters and Devastating Deaths
Photo of Mike Vogel (Barbie) of “Under the Dome” at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. (21 July 2013, 23:59) Wikimedia Commons/Thibault

The “Under the Dome” Season 2 Episode 1 “Heads will Roll” airs on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 10 p.m. on CBS. The return of the show gets a Stephen King-treatment. On the other hand, Barbie (Mike Vogel) and the town people will be facing another set of dome problems. Read on to find more about “Under the Dome” including new cast members and spoilers for the upcoming Season 2 Episode 1 “Heads Will Roll.”

“Under the Dome” Season 2 Episode 1 “Heads will Roll” will follow the explosive revelations in Season 1 Finale Episode 13 “Curtains” (air date: September 16, 2014).

The upcoming episode will be written by Stephen King. He authored the novel of the same name in which the show was loosely based on. It will make his first writing debut for the said TV series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), “Under the Dome” executive producer Neal Baer was joined by actors Dean Norris and Rachelle Lefevre during the show’s press event.

”Stephen King is sending us off into a place we’re proud of and we really love and [these are some of] his ideas to go beyond the book.” Baer told in a statement posted on the THR article.

TV Guide also got a chance to interview Baer, who shared several spoilers for the upcoming season premiere.

Heads will definitely roll? Baer told in a separate interview with TV Guide that there will be six untimely deaths in the season premiere.  With the author on board, we can assume that he might get into “Game of Thrones” mode and swipe all them dead like George R.R. Martin. It’s a long shot, but we will never know as King has been known for his horror and suspense novels.

Scarcity makes you crazy. The limited sources of food and supplies will start a rift between Big Jim and Julia. The former will now use the Biblical phenomenon such as blood rains and pests for the cause of it.

Test of faith. Baer also shared that the town of Chester’s Mill would meet a lot of new characters that may topple the balance between faith and science. Big Jim will be caught in the middle of the different approaches made by Julia and the science teacher, Rebecca (Karla Crome). What side would Big Jim choose?

Opposite poles attract. The entire town will continue to struggle with the arrival of another dome problem. This time, the invisible barrier will become magnetic! Cars, Bikes and everything that is made from metal will magically stick to the dome.

Barbie’s new Internet friend. Also, Barbie will get hold of Hunter (Max Ehrich of “Young and Restless” via mysterious internet connection outside. Will they get help from the outside through Hunter? Can they trust him enough to help them?

New faces, Same Dome. TV Line also got hold of several new cast members joining in Season 2 via TV Line’s “Ask Ausellio.” Former “CSI: New York” star Eddie Cahill will portray the role of Sam, Big Jim’s brother-in-law, who is set to have bonding moments with Julia. Sherry Stringfield of “ER” will have a recurring role as Pauline, the mysterious woman connected to the dome’s origins. Meanwhile, Brett Cullen is known for his role as the late Nathan Ingram in “Person of Interest“. He will play the role of Don Barbara, Mike Vogel’s father.

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