‘Under The Dome’ Season 4 Cancelled? CBS Series Failed To Get Renewal Due To Low Ratings? Cast Prepares For Series Finale

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Under The Dome’ Season 4 Cancelled? CBS Series Failed To Get Renewal Due To Low Ratings? Cast Prepares For Series Finale
‘Under The Dome’ season 3

“Under the Dome” is near to the completion of season 3 and so far, there is no likeliness for the renewal of season 4. Read below if you want to know the cause.

Nina Tassler, Chairman, CBS Entertainment confirmed the news of “Under the Dome’s” downfall to the reporters at Television Critics Association (TCA) summer meeting in Beverly Hills on Monday. Tassler clearly uttered “it is coming down at the end of this season.”

“The Dome is coming down at the end of this season, but that opens up a host of other storytelling opportunities…We are not making a decision just yet (on the show’s renewal),” Tassler said.

According to Unreality TV, Tassler also added that at some point towards the end of the current run, they would see the structure to be taken down entirely. However, this does not mean that she was directly pointing towards the end of “Under the Dome.”

When Tassler was asked about the rating of “Under the Dome” including the overall performance of other CBS Television Network’s summer programs, she answered that she was happy with the network’s summer strategy, as reported by TV.com.

“We went into summer to have more original programming on air. Zoo is the No. 1 scripted show, Dome is the No. 2 scripted show, and Extant is No. 4. … The shows are still performing and these stream well on Amazon,” she replied.

Initially, Brian K Vaughan, who was the former producer of “Under the Dome,” had a plan to make it a single-season limited series, but later the story was stretched across three seasons. As Entertainment Weekly reported, CBS till now has no plan to give the slot for the Dome producer for season 4.

It is reportedly said that the creative team and producer are setting up the finale of the ongoing season to serve as a season-closer and series finale. But probably, a narrow road will still be kept open for season 4, no one knows when CBS changes its decision. Stay with us to get all the updates of “Under the Dome.”

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