Under the Dome Spoilers: The Fall [WATCH VIDEO]

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Under the Dome Spoilers: The Fall [WATCH VIDEO]
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Under the Dome” Season 2 Episode 8 “Awakening” airs on Monday, Sept. 1, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS.  WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Read only if you want to learn more about Episode 10 “The Fall” spoilers and Episode 9 “The Red Door” recap.

Previously on Episode 9 “The Red Door” (air date: Aug. 25, 2014), Barbie tried to contact Julia again before he was taken by the military men. Jim, on the other hand, asked Julia about what he saw, but she refused to answer. Norrie inquired if Jim knew why the people outside the dome wanted the egg so badly.

Back at the Zenith, Sam and his sister, Pauline finally got Lyle awake with the use of medical drugs. They started to re-order the postcards Lyle got from Pauline. She also told them that she did not have the chance to send Lyle the picture of the red door, the last part of her prophetic visions.

Barbie woke up by the armed men who got him. They tried to interrogate him about the cryptic message he was about to send Julia. Later, Barbie talked with his father after Don “pulled a few strings.” Don told his son that he can return to the dome if Julia brings the egg to them.

Joe received a video message from Don, which was intended for Julia. He told them about the plan that may save them and Barbie. Joe, Norrie and the others were arguing when Rebecca arrived. She informed them that Big Jim wanted to have the egg. 

At the dome’s edge, Jim and Junior went to negotiate for their freedom. The soldier didn’t approve his request to save everyone, so Jim told him to free him and his son. Little did Jim know, Junior asked Melanie to change the egg’s place because he told his dad about it. They agreed to put it inside a fallout shelter.

Barbie and Hunter have escaped from Don’s armed men. Barbie reunited with Sam, Lyle and Pauline along the way. They went to find the red door, which was placed inside the property where Barbie grew up.

When they all went inside, Barbie and the others got trapped from a “spiral.” Each of them has experienced some weird things because of it. Sam remembered his time with Junior and Barbie’s friendship with Melanie. Pauline, on the other hand, had a premonition about the egg and Melanie. Unfortunately, Lyle was nowhere to be found.

SPOILER ALERT: “Under the Dome” Season 2 Episode 10 “The Fall” is directed by Eric Lasalle and written by Alexandra McNally and Mark Linehan Bruner. 

According to TV Guide, “The Fall” will follow the events after the surprising clilffhangers from the last “Under the Dome” episode. Big Jim find an alive Pauline inside their house. In “The Fall,” he will learn about the truth about his wife’s mysterious disappearance since the dome appeared. They may be reunited, but Pauline doesn’t seem happy with it. She previously learned that Sam killed Junior’s long-time crush, Angie.  On the other hand, the dome continued to pester with a new problem for the people of Chester’s Mill as Barbie and the others return to the town.

And that’s it for the recap and spoilers of “Under the Dome.” Episode 10 “The Fall” will air on Monday, Sept. 1 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) as we keep you posted on updates about “Under the Dome.”

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