Dominion Season 1 Finale Recap: Beware Those Closest To You [WATCH VIDEO]

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Dominion Season 1 Finale Recap: Beware Those Closest To You [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Dominion” Season 1 Two-Part Finale Episode 8 “Beware Those Closest To You” aired on Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on Syfy. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) Episode 8 “Beware Those Closest To You” recap.

Previously on Episode 7 “Ouroboros” (air date: July 31, 2014), Alex (Christopher Egan) learned from Gabriel (Carl Beukes) about Michael’s (Tom Wisdom) past as a human killer. It was said that the killings were part of their Father’s plan to cleanse the souls of the humans on earth.

Episode 8 “Beware Those Closest To You” Part I was written by Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer while Part II was written by Vaun Wilmott, which were directed by Allan Kroeker. The two-part finale episode featured the aftermath of the revelation that higher angels have been living in Vega by possessing humans. Alex found out that Noma (Kim Engelbrecht), his former lovers, was also a higher angel.

Alex went to the Senate to share Michael’s (Tom Wisdom) past identity as a human killer. It was revealed that the killings were part of God’s plan on cleansing the souls of the human inhabitants on Earth. Gabriel also informed him that he and Uriel tried to stop him from doing it, but they failed. The court session ended and Becca confronted Michael about it. He left her, but told her to take care of Louis before they got hold of him. He looked and clawed Alex from the ground. The guards saw this and tried to shot him down. Fortunately, Michael flew away to safety.

Alex went to see Claire before her wedding. He praised how great she look. Claire admitted that she should agreed to run away from Vega with him. Unfortunately, Alex was now destined as a Chosen One and he must win the war.

Meanwhile, Arika arrived with Evelyn’s severed head from Helena. She was welcomed by Edward. She told one of her maidens that she missed her. The woman was actually Uriel, the sister of Gabriel and Michael. Arika told her lover that she and Evelyn were the same person. Later, Claire finally came to see her. She was introduced to Uriel, who disguised herself as a holy woman named Laurel. They found out that she is pregnant with the Chosen One’s child.

It was revealed that Alex and Michael actually planned the “revelation” with Noma. They made it look real to convince Gabriel that Michael returned to his old ways.

He admitted that the killing spree was true, but he assured him that he was only following orders. He also said that his siblings tried to stop him and he almost died because of it. He learned about the real meaning of the test when a boy tried to help him even though he killed his father. He finally realized he wanted to redeem himself by doing the right thing.

Michael met a surprised Furiad at a motel. He warned Furiad about the things Gabriel might do if he knew that Furiad and Noma were lovers. Noma previously arrived and told them about whereabouts of her former lover, Furiad. The encounter with Noma and Alex was awkward at first. She assured him that loving him was never part of the plan. Noma then went to Gabriel’s aerie.

Elsewhere, Gabriel saw Noma during one of her visits. Furiad tried to help her with her lies, but obviously Gabriel didn’t believe her. She was detained in one of the cells at the aerie. Alex, on the other hand, saw a vision of Jeep when he woke up He failed to answer his father’s question, that’s why Jeep attacked him. Alex slid a sword into his body, and cut him.

After detaining Noma, Gabriel went to Vega. The guards at the gate started to fire at him, but his wings protected him. He told them that he wanted to surrender to the authorities. Becca thought of using the bomb on him while William started the interrogation. Claire was surprised that Whele decided to do it rather than killing Gabriel that instant. Later, Claire tried to talk to him, but he told her that he knew that she’s pregnant.

Alex arrived at Vega to find Noma. He got mad when Gabriel said that Michael and Claire were only using him. He threatened to kill the archangel. He was surprised to hear that he was going to be a father. That was the time when Michael arrived to ponder on their past relationship. Alex confronted Claire about the baby, which William overheard.

At the House Thorn, Michael found a laboratory. It is where he found several dissected body parts of angels. Alex got there and found Louis chained in one of the bed. Louis got his wings taken so Michael killed him to end his agony. Michael told Becca that she used him, too. Alex told him to stop, but Michael broke her neck. He fought with Alex and left.

Meanwhile, Gabriel was freed by the prison guards, who were his acolytes. Alex refused his offer to teach him about his role as the chosen one. Gabriel warned him that he could kill everyone including those who he dearly loves. William told his wife that he would like to raise Alex’s child as his own. He also admitted that he was an acolyte, but Claire wasn’t happy about it. She resumed her role as the leader of Vega and imprisoned him.

On the other hand, William told the remaining acolytes that he will replace William as their leader. During one of their sessions, he burned them alive in a trap. He later brought William at the gates. He told his son that he couldn’t kill him, but he had to leave Vega. The episode ended with Alex on his journey as he embraces his true destiny. Claire also received a letter for their future child from Ethan.

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