Don Cheadle to make his debut with the long planned Biopic

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Don Cheadle has long planned to direct as well as act in a biopic based on Miles Davis, the innovate jazz pioneer. According to reports, Cheadle has been planning to make the film for years and now finally production is good to go in June.

The script is written by Cheadle and Steven Baigelman. Cheadle’s co-stars in the film will be Ewan Mcgregor and Zoe Saldana. Mcgregor will be portrayed as a Rolling Stone reporter and Saldana will play the role of Frances Davis, the trumpet player’s ex-wife.

Cheadle will make his directional debut into Hollywood with this film which will be financed and produced by Bifrost Pictures. The production company also stated that the film won’t be the traditional biopic and will be focused on the time when Miles Davis had temporarily retired from making music and had re-surfaced again in 1979.

The film is being made in collaboration with Davis’s family. Herbie Hancock, Davis collaborator will also be part of the film.

Miles Davis left our world in 1991 at the age of 65.

Source: Hitfix

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