Donald Trump Demeans Women With Sexist Language During The Apprentice

By Edson Kyle Encina | 2 years ago
Donald Trump Demeans Women With Sexist Language During The Apprentice
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is being accused by former The Apprentice cast members that he allegedly uses sexist language on the show frequently.

The Republican Presidential candidate is often making headlines on the news lately. He has been involved in a “fat shaming” controversy in the past. This time, he is being targeted for his sexist language on The Apprentice, a show he used to run.

And it looks like this isn’t the first time Trump was involved in a sexist controversy, it happened before as well.  A number of female contestants on The Apprentice came forward and shared their experience on the show. The Associated Press apparently interviewed over 20 people who were previously part of the show.

According to Tampa Bay Times, there were eight former crew members who noticed Trump’s display of sexist comments. He allegedly told a camerawoman that she had a nice butt and even made comparisons to her daughter, Ivanka Trump.

There was another testimony given by Randal Pinkett, a contestant who won the Apprentice show back in 2005. He recalls an incident where Trump would talk about which female contestant on the show he would like to sleep with. This lewd behavior continued in the show when Trump told the female contestants to wear dresses that showed more cleavage. And it’s not just the contestants and crew members who verified those cases. Even the show’s former producer, Katherine Walker, mentioned that Trump was frequently talking about women’s bodies.

On the contrary, there were some cast members who gave Donald Trump some positive feedback. Former show contestant and softball star Jennie Finch complimented Trump saying he was “extremely supportive” in the show.

Other former contestants like Poppy Carlig claimed that Trump’s “playful banter” were not really that bothering to her. Naturally, the Trump campaign responded to the negative claims by issuing a general denial of those occurrences.

The Trump campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, called the claims “outlandish”, “Unsubstantial” and “totally false.” She continued by saying that these claims are only fabricated by publicity hungry and opportunistic people. The Trump campaign spokeswoman did address a part of that concern. However, she declined an interview which brings more questions to this case rather than a resolution.

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