Doritos Shows Support For A Cause Through Rainbow Coloured Chips

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Doritos Shows Support For A Cause Through Rainbow Coloured Chips

Doritos, the delicious chips manufacturing company, seems to have got bored with the colour of its chips or the new change is in fact for the noble cause. Read on.

Doritos showed its support for “It Gets Better Project” by unveiling bags of rainbow coloured chips. This is an attempt from the big food company to help out lesbian and gay teenagers who are condemned by the society and public.

According to Twitchy, the colour of rainbow has come in the bag of Doritos chips and it serves as an inspiration for LGBT flag. These multi-coloured flags will be sent to people who have spent a minimum of ten dollars through the special website.

Frito-Lay, which is based in Plano, Texas and is a division of PepsiCo, has stated that the donation money will be sent to the “It Gets Better Project.” The chief marketing officer of Frito-Lay, Ram Krishnan is of the view that we should consider LGBT people as equal to us and that by coming up with rainbow coloured chips we are showing our commitment towards them. It is a way to celebrate humanity with any discrimination.

These multi-coloured chips have been released for a limited period of time. The colours used for the chips have been inspired by the coloured of the LGBT flag. However, many people are questioning if there is anything different in the taste of these chips or is there anything special?

According to E! News, the reporters went on to help their readers by tasting these chips and letting them know as to how they are like. Well, these reporters are of the view that these chips taste almost like cool ranch.


Still, at the end of the day, you will enjoy having chips in different colours and move away from the monotony of natural colours.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Doritos

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