Dota 2 Monkey King Coming in Fall 2016 with Four Illusions

By Ancy John | 1 year ago
Dota 2 Monkey King Coming in Fall 2016 with Four Illusions
Dota 2 Monkey King by Valve

Dota 2 Monkey King hero was introduced by Valve a few months back. In the Moba games, the hero was a popular concept which found its presence in Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, and Smite.

Dota 2 Monkey King is set to be released in a few months. The hero’s voice has been contributed by Matt Mercer. The new character will be seen in a new avatar and will be more mischievous and manipulative.

Monkey King will be seen with illusion powers. He is also known as Sun Wukong. The recent updates hinted about the coming hero by dropping hints through a deluge of bananas. The Monkey King’s description in Dota 6.80 sees him rolling down off a cloud to reach an immobilized target unit.

The new character was also seen surrounded by four illusions, reported iTech Post. He will also be armed with a similar skill like that of Treant Protector. He will hold a power which he can use to disarm the enemies. He might also have the power to disguise himself.

Dota 2 Monkey King aka Sun Wukong says, “Over the course of my journeys, I’ve been called many things. A warrior. An animal. A trickster. Out of all the names I’ve been called, one has always remained my favorite: King.” The new journey update will see Dota 2 Monkey King as the first original hero made for Dota 2. All previous heroes were ported from Dota.

Dota 2 is an online battle arena game played between two teams of five players. The game is played using a big list of hero characters. Each character has a peculiar ability that allows them to pull of many strategies and combat challenges.

Dota 2 Monkey King will be a mythological creature who appeared in the 16th century Chinese classical novel “Journey to the West.” The novel explains how the monkey was born from a stone and gets supernatural powers through Taoist practices.

Dota 2 Monkey King will be released in Fall of 2016; sometimes in December.

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