Douglas and Zeta-Jones Separating

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Actor Michael Douglas and his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones have not been seen out together in over four months. They have walked down red carpets alone, vacationed with their children separately and recently Douglas was seen relaxing off the Sardinian coast on a yacht, while his wife was in New York at their home.

That of course raised questions as to what is happening with one of the most celebrated Hollywood couples. Two sources that are close to both actors have said the couple decided jointly to spent some time apart or as they said, taking a break.

Neither one of the stars have filed for a divorce or even moved toward a separation on a legal basis, said the sources.

The two married in 2000 at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. However, since then the two have faced a number of ups and downs, especially over the past three years. In 2010, Douglas was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer. If that was not enough, Zeta-Jones admitted to struggling with a bipolar disorder. One friend of the couple, who asked to not have his or her name released, said the stress took its toll on the couple’s marriage.

Douglas at 68 is 25 years older than the 43-year old Zeta-Jones. Their marriage has produced two children Dylan and Carys.

The two, said sources, decided it was best to spend some time apart shortly after Douglas had returned in May from the Cannes Film Festival. At that same time, Zeta-Jones had just returned from being treated for the second time for her disorder.

People close to the Hollywood couple maintain hope the two can work on their problems and put aside their difference. On family friend said, the two want what is best for their children, no matter what the final outcome is.

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