Doutzen Kroes Post Photo of Her Pumping Breast Milk on Instagram

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Doutzen Kroes Post Photo of Her Pumping Breast Milk on Instagram
Doutzen Kroes at the world premiere of Mansome at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

One of the tender moments a mother gets to spend with their baby is when she feeds her child. And Victoria’s Secret supermodel Doutzen Kroes vividly showed in her recent Instagram post that she’s one of the many mothers out there who support breastfeeding for their baby.

On Sunday, April 5, Doutzen Kroes took to Instagram to show her pumping breast milk for her second child Myllena Mae who will be a year old in a few months. She then captioned this with, “Daily routine! I’m promoting breastfeeding, it’s the best for your baby when possible! #breastfeeding #breastpump #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingawareness”

Being an advocate of breastfeeding, it would seem that Kroes only wished to show that there is nothing wrong with her choosing to breastfeed her child. And in response to this, her Instagram post garnered at least 101,000 likes as of Tuesday, April 7.

Breastfeeding is a rather hot topic among many people, especially since some think of it to be a form of sexual act. As such, it must not be done in public nor shown through media. Alyssa Milano, who is also an advocate of breastfeeding, said in a previous interview with E! News that women should feel comfortable with the idea of feeding their babies whenever and wherever their child needs it. “I don’t want to eat in a public bathroom. Why should I feed my baby in a public bathroom?” she added.

Many other celebrities have also previously shown their support on breastfeeding through the social media. These include Gisele Bundchen and Jaime King, who also posted photos of them breastfeeding their child in their respective Instagram accounts. Other women have also taken to posting their own photos breastfeeding their children and placing it under the hashtag #brelfie. Also, back in July 2014, Facebook changed its Community Standards policy and it now allows breastfeeding photos to be uploaded.

What do you think of the support Doutzen Kroes and many other breastfeeding moms out there in the topic of breastfeeding in public? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/ David Shankbone

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