Down the Shore a Stoic Thriller

By admin | 5 years ago

Down the ShoreDown the Shore is an independent movie that is described as a thriller. Set on the Jersey Shore, it has a run-of-the-mill story that is not compelling to say the least. It is about three childhood friends who are making their living in a small New Jersey seaside town.

Two of them are indifferent working people who are accustomed to doing what has been dealt to them. They don’t talk that much. The third one brings the trouble to the story and has been brought in to clean up.

Jacques (Edoardo Costa) arrives from France and knocks on the door of carnival ride operator, Bailey (James Gandolfini). He has been miserable since the disappearance of his sister Susan (Maria Dizzia). Jacques unveils that he has Susan’s ashes, the dead to half of Bailey’s house, and a sack of money. Jacques is also a carnival ride operator in France. He is seen as someone trying to muscle himself in the picture.

Jacques tries his hands with Bailey’s business and he starts to attract kids. He wins over Bailey’s young aide Martin (John Magaro), who is mentally challenged son of Baily’s childhood sweetheart Mary (Famke Janssen). She is married to Bailey’s best friend Wiley (Joe Pope), a rich squanderer who spends his money on crack and vents his frustrations on his family.

Jacques sees the relationship of the three and everything turns out to be predictable until the end of Down the Shore. It is a realist drama set in a magical location of an amusement park. It even involves buried treasure.

What drives, or doesn’t drive Down the Shore is the extinguished charge between Bailey and Mary. The pacing is slow and the revelation of why their wills are gone in the present doesn’t come as a surprise. There is nothing new to see in this movie unless you enjoy seeing three old friends suffering because of their past.

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