Downton Abbey Season 5 Premiere Recap: Episode One

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Downton Abbey Season 5 Premiere Recap: Episode One
Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey).April 30, 2011. Wikimedia Commons/Richard Munckton

Finally, “Downton Abbey” is back! For U.S. viewers, PBS premieres on Jan. 4, 2015. Consider yourself warned. Read n to learn more about the Season 5 premiere of “Downton Abbey.”

“Downton Abbey” Season 5 premiere started with Edith on her way to the Drewe’s house to see her daughter, Marigold. However, when she shared tea with the Drewes, they weren’t really comfortable, especially Mrs. Drewe because she thought that she has crush on her husband.

Robert was concerned about a lot of things: the new regime and the King’s troubles regarding the Labor goverment. Downstairs, we saw that Ivy wasn’t replaced, and the Crawleys were set to celebrate their 34th anniversary, which Mrs. Hughes reminded Mrs. Padmore of. Daisy knew about this upcoming celebration, and she was left wondering what 1958 has in store for her.

Meanwhile Lord Merton asked the help of Violet to have Isobel. Violet planned to host a party that will get them in the same room again. Isobel was against the idea, while Violet tried to convince her that it doesn’t need to take so much effort to avoid the man even if both of them are in the same room. However, we think that Violet felt threatened by Isobel and Merton being together, so she had another plan brewing — she persuaded Dr. Clarkson f to come to the party. To make things even more competitive and complicated, she invited Lady Shackleton as well.

Back at the house, Lord Gillingham came for business but was invited by Mary to stay to join the anniversary celebration of Cora and Robert. Robert thought of this as an awesome idea because he thinks that he will be able to convince Tony to marry. While they were talking about them, Baxter and Thomas walked in, and Thomas seemed to be asking Baxter what he knew about Bates and Anna. Thomas was able to corner her and even threatened that he will exploit her story if she doesn’t tell him everything that he needs to know about Bates.

Baxter’s secret was then revealed to us — she is friends with Thomas’ sister, which is why Thomas knows her secret and the big secret — a few years ago, she stole some jewelry from her employer, and she was sent to jail for three years. Robert walked in on them and heard the whole thing, and Cora dismissed Baxter.

Some people wanted to talk with Robert regarding a monument that they plan to build that will honor their fallen soldiers. Robert was surprised that the people wanted to appoint Carson as chairman of the committee because he knew more people who have died. Carson said that he will think about it. Carson didn’t want to say yes right away to the people because he didn’t want to overstep Robert. So he asked his permission first, and of course, Robert agreed.

Meanwhile, Robert wasn’t happy with Tom being involved in the school and he also thinks that his friendship with Sarah will cause complications in the long run. On the other hand, Cora doesn’t have any problems with it at all. In the school, Mr. Drewe asked Edith if they can talk and he told her that he knows she is Marigold’s mother but he will not tell anyone.

Daisy ordered arithmetic primers to advance her knowledge and to laso learn about budgeting, and Mrs. Hughes was very supportive of this.

Rose and Mary decided to throw a party before the anniversary and invited Sarah but did not let Tom know. At first, Sarah thought it was a prank, but she was convinced by Rose that it wasn’t. She then accepted the invitation. Meanwhile, Isobel was surprised to see Dr.Clarkson and Lady Shackleton there.

Tom asked Tony Gillingham to come with him for a rabbit hunt, and Mary came along. While they were hunting, Tony and Mary were talking, and she spoke about how she’s living in the present moment right now. Tony told her that she couldn’t imagine a future without her. Mary admitted that she loves him in her own way, and she is ready to get married again.

The dinner party got so tensed due to Sarah’s presence. Not everyone appreciated her presence on the table, such as Robert and Violet. When Sarah shared her thoughts on the war memorial, Robert got a bit rude, and Isobel and Tom defended her. Sarah even made a comment that Robert wasn’t wanted to be in the committee, but Carson defended him. After the dinner, Sarah wanted to thank the staff for the wonderful dinner.  She went downstairs and thanked the staff and made a big impression on Daisy.

Tom talked to Robert after dinner and told him that nothing happened between him and Sarah. In turn, Robert apologized to him for thinking that something intimate has happened between them. When the guests left, Thomas talked to Cora. Cora revealed that she knows everything about Baxter’s past. Cora was disappointed at Thomas for keeping that information to himself just to blackmail Baxter.

Jimmy has been getting letters from Lady Anstruther, and he was trying to avoid it. But the Lady was very persistent when she came to Downton pretending that her car broke down just so she could spend the night there. Late at night, Thomas encouraged Jimmy to give in to Lady Anstruther, but they were in for a surprise when they walked in on Tony entering Mary’s room. Tony asked Mary to go with him and be lovers.

Edith’s room was on fire when Marigold threw a book in the fireplace. When Robert checked out the rooms, he was surprised to see Jimmy in bed with Lady Anstruther. Robert asked Carson to fire Jimmy. The good news was that the fire didn’t cause so much damage to the rest of the house. Edith came up to Mr. Drewe to talk about Marigold’s problem. When she was explaining her plan, Mrs. Hughes walked in on them. We don’t know if she heard the whole plan, but if she did, it’s going to be really interesting.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Richard Munckton

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