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By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago

“Draft Day” is a drama film presented by Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate and directed by Ivan Reitman. It opens in U.S. theatres on April 11, 2014. Some of the cast members include Kevin Costner (Sonny Weaver Jr.), Jennifer Garner (Ali), Chadwick Boseman (Vontae Mack), Denis Leary (Coach Penn), Chi McBride (Walt Gordon), Josh Pence (Bo Callahan), Frank Langella (Anthony Molina), Tom Welling (Brian Drew) and Ellen Burstyn (Barb Weaver). Read on to find out more about “Draft Day” movie review including the film’s synopsis.

“Draft Day” Film Synopsis:

Meet Sonny Weaver Jr. Sonny is the general manager of the team Cleveland Browns. He has a girlfriend named Ali, who is also the team’s salary cap manager and is pregnant. Then another important character in Sonny’s life is his mother, who makes him feel nothing compared to his father, the former coach of Cleveland Browns.

After more than a decade of losing streak, Sonny rebuilds his team. He wants to be on top of the draft pick. Molina, owner of Cleveland Browns, threatens Sonny that he would fire him if he could not get a good PR about the draft. The plan is to take the quarter back rookie from University of Wisconsin, Bo Callahan. But the problem is, the team already has a quarter back (Welling) who has recovered from an injury and is now better than ever.

Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks offers a deal to Sonny: the team’s number one first-round slot in exchange of the Cleveland Brown’s next three year’s first rounds. So did Sonny accept it or not? That’s for you to find out.

“Draft Day” Movie Review:

Although this was a Costner stars in this film, it did not do well in the ratings. Top critics from Rotten Tomatoes have given this film a 63% rating and only 73% of the moviegoers liked it.

Peter Howell of Toronto Star had a short but not-so-sweet review of the film. According to him, “Draft Day” was not destined for Kevin Costner’s hall of fame.

Furthermore, Boston Globe’s Peter Keough referred to the movie in his review as “forgettable.”

“At times the film seems like a highlight reel interrupted by a forgettable movie,” said Keough in the Boston Globe article.

On the brighter side, Mick LaSalle of San Francisco Chronicle praised the film’s ability to reach out to the audience who were not even fans of football. “Even people who aren’t football fans will appreciate the maneuvers and the high-stakes trading, the make-or-break strategies and the careers in the balance,” wrote LaSalle in his San Francisco Chronicle feature.

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