‘Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F’ Trailer, Release: Goku Transforms To Saiyan God SS

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‘Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F’ Trailer, Release: Goku Transforms To Saiyan God SS
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It has been revealed that in the new “Dragon Ball” movie, “Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F,” Goku will attain a new level of Super Saiyan known as Super Saiyan God SS. The red-haired transformation that Goku attained in the last movie was apparently not yet the God form of Super Saiyan, rather it is the new, blue-haired Super Saiyan God SS.

According to an article on Forbes, it is not surprising that Goku will reach a higher level of Super Saiyan in the latest “Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F” movie as it is a common trope in anime, particularly in the “Dragon Ball” universe. However, the reveal for this latest version of Super Saiyan potency was spoiled after a line of toys released a few weeks back had teased the blue-haired Goku. This new version of Goku can also be seen in the new “Dragon Ball” game for the 3DS, “Extreme Butoden.”

The article from Forbes also claims that “Layzner” had inspired Goku and Frieza’s new power levels. The article makes claims that the golden version of Frieza is inspired by Zakarl and the blue-haired Goku is inspired by the blue comet version of the titular Layzner. The scout headgear and both the pace and aerial qualities of the battles featured on “Dragon Ball” are also likened to those featured on “Layzner.” A number of fans of both “Layzner” and “Dragon Ball” have been keen to point out the elements that the latter has taken from the former.

Watch the latest Dragon Ball movie, “Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F” below:

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“Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F” premieres on on April 18, 2015.

There you have it on the latest news about the “Dragon Ball” movie, called “Dragon Ball: Resurrection of F.” Are you excited to see Goku’s new transformation as Super Saiyan God SS? Sound off in the comments below.

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