Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 Spoilers, Latest Update: Black Goku Critically Injures Future Trunks; Episode 62 Recap

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 Spoilers, Latest Update: Black Goku Critically Injures Future Trunks; Episode 62 Recap

The animation series Dragon Ball Super has reached an interesting point after Episode 62. Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 preview sees another major fight coming up against Black Goku. Meanwhile, Episode 62 focussed on techniques to capture the evil villain and Future Trunks effort to fight against the villain.

Here is what happened in Dragon Ball Super Episode 62:

Future Trunks fights Black Goku

Future Trunks is all set and gets into the fighting mode. In the previous Episode 61 his Super Saiyan form, where his pupils turn white is already seen. He tries his best to fight the two villains alone. But the villains (Zamasu and Black Goku) are too powerful.

At one point Bulma, who is hiding and watching all the fight, thinks that Future Trunks has defeated Black Goku. But the villain rises from the smoke and says that he did not think Future Trunks could be so powerful.

Later, Vegeta and Goku are urged by Future Trunks to return to the present and come back with some technique to kill the enemies. Bulma along with others, except for Future Trunks get into the time machine and return to the present.

New planning begins

When they all return to present in a time machine, little Trunks and his friends are surprised to see them in a bad situation. Goku is all injured who is later healed by Bulma’s father. Then they all with Beerus and Whis discuss the strategy to curtail the next actions of Black Goku and Zamasu.

Vegeta takes the initiative to explain how bad the enemies are and that Zamasu is immortal and Black Goku is Zamasu in Goku’s body. But Beerus seems to be unaffected by this. He backs out from the situation and Bulma gets very angry. Whis wishes them well and leaves along with Beerus.

According to Beerus, the other timelines are not his responsibility. He also feels that the present is safe and that is more important. Moreover, Zamasu in present timeline is no more exists so perhaps he thinks he has done his responsibility.

Chi-Chi is worried

Amidst all the event Chi Chi who is Goku’s wife is all worried. She has not seen her husband in ages and hence goes to the police with Gohan. The police learn that Chi-Chi does not know anything about the fight on-going in future.

Later, when Kid Trunks takes Goten with him, Chi-Chi spots them flying in the air. Finally, she traces them with Gohan and on reaching the place finds Bulma. Later she also meets Goku and is very happy to find her husband.

As the discussion to kill the villains continue, Piccolo comes with a new idea. He says they need to learn the Mafuba. It is a technique that will imprison people forever. This technique does make sense because both Zamasu is immortal and Black Goku is too powerful. So, the best way perhaps is to capture and imprison them forever.

Meet Master Roshi

Thanks to Krillin, Goku meets Master Roshi who is an expert in Mafuba technique. Goku practices the technique on a Sea Turtle and tries to put it into a jar. Once that is done, the jar needs to be sealed with a lid as well as a special talisman. Master Roshi agrees to make the talisman and hopes in return as a reward Goku will get him some nice women.

Beerus, Whis explains to Gowasu

Beerus and Whis at Universe 10 explain to Gowasu what is happening in future. Although Beerus can easily finish and destroy the enemies easily, he does not want to interfere with the timelines. The episode ends with a hope that perhaps Beerus and Whis might come to rescue Son Goku and his team from the enemies.

What happens next?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 synopsis is out. According to Attack of the Fanboy, this episode is titled as Don’t Damage Saiyan Cells! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Fierce Battle. It also adds, in the fight “Black Goku critically injures him and is about to destroy Future Trunks, but at the last moment, Goku and Vegeta return to the battle.”

The preview of Episode 63 also reveals that Goku is also involved in the fight. It will be revealed only when the episode airs who wins and who gets imprisoned?

Watch the preview of Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 here:


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