‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 8 Trailer Released [ Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 8 Trailer Released [ Watch Video]
Dragon Ball

Some good news for the fans of “Dragon Ball,” the trailer for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 8 has been released. And it got an interesting reaction… read below for the full details:

Let’s talk about the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 8 trailer first: It kicked off with Vegeta who is to face Beerus and in order to do so, he transformed to Super Saiyan. To refresh your memory, in Episode 7, Beerus defeated the Z-fighters during Bulma’s birthday party and this angered Vegeta especially when he knocked Bulma out. It ended with Vegeta transforming.

In the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 8 trailer, it continues with Beerus making a huge energy ball. It’s so huge that it looks like it could destroy the whole world.

Fans were quick to react on the series in regards with its animation. According to the Christian Post, it all started when fans watched Episode 5 and they noticed the low-quality of animation and they find it unacceptable. The animation is from Toei Animation in Japan. It is said that the Japan animation industry does play a huge factor in the animation of “Dragon Ball Super” series because workers are underpaid and overworked. Still, fans are hopeful that the animation company will do something about it.

Watch the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 8 trailer below:


It is also hinted that in Episode 8 of “Dragon Ball Super” Goku will arrive to save everyone. There is also a possibility that he might beat Beerus and avenge his defeat in Episode 5 at King Kai’s world.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 8 will air on August 31, 2015.

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