‘Dragon Ball Super’ releases Goku’s first look

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Dragon Ball Super’ releases Goku’s first look

Upcoming Japanese anime show “Dragon Ball Super” that will be airing its first episode on July 2015 recently released the lead character Goku’s first look and to be quite honest it looks amazing. Fans of the franchise “Dragon Ball Z” would certainly be happy to see the return of their favorite character. The slot for the first episode to be aired in July is said to be every Sunday mornings.

According to International Business Times, the latest image of the character was revealed by Anime News Network. The image is said to be belonging to Toyotaro’s manga version of the show and portrays Goku as someone who looks a lot younger and is even seen sporting new gear. The same image of Goku will be used for further promotion.

Much detail is not yet known about the TV series but it is being said that the series will be set after the defeat of Majin Bu, who was the primary antagonist in the final Dragon Ball manga series and will show a time where peace has been restored on Earth. According to Comic book, The TV series is the first Dragon ball anime to be made in 18 years. Akira Toriyama along with being credited for his role as the series creator is also being credited for original story and character design concepts.

In an official press release by Toei Animation that has reportedly begun its work on the series, “Dragon Ball Super” will follow the events of the feature film “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’”. After having been established as a brand and having been broadcast in over 70 countries and over 230 Million copies sold, Fuju TV, the production partner is looking forward to drawing on the franchise’s historic past to bringing a new, bold and endearing adventure to audiences worldwide.

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Photo source: Facebook/Dragon Ball Super

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