‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’’ US Release Date, Plot: Freeza Returns To Hell!

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’’ US Release Date, Plot: Freeza Returns To Hell!

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” will have US theatrical release on Aug. 4, 2015. “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” is 19th “Dragon Ball” movie and had released in some parts on Apr. 18, 2015. It is first ever “Dragon Ball” movie to have released in IMAX 3D and 4DX. Funimation will be releasing the English dub. WARNING! This article contains spoilers about the plot of the movie. Read on for more details.

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” Plot:

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” is directed by Tadayoshi Yamamuro and have screenplay of Akira Toriyama.

According to Cross Map,  the “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” plot follows the return of villain Freeza. Freeza’s army men Sorbet and Tagoma search for Dragon Balls to revive Freeza. The two succeed, and Freeza sets on a journey to take revenge from Saiyans.

In “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’,” the fight with Freeza contains tributes to the original fight with Freeza in “Dragon Ball Z” of 1989. After a rigorous fight, Goku is able to kill Freeza. On the other hand, the post-credits scene of the movie has that Freeza is being welcomed in hell by dancing happy angels of hell. Will Freeza again be returning by gaining powers from hell?

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” Box-Office:

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” or “Fukkatsu no F” opened up in 2D and 3D at number one position in Japenese box-office. The movie earned approximately US$8.1 million within two days of release. With a release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” or “Fukkatsu no F”, Japenese box-office remains the only box-office where “Furious 7” didn’t land number one position.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of ‘F’” or “Fukkatsu no F” surpassed “Battle of Gods” net earning within 19 days. “Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F” grossed $51.1 million till date and will be continuing roaring at theaters with its US release date coming near!

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