Drake Can’t See Ex Love Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Together; Won’t Let Them Marry

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Drake Can’t See Ex Love Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Together; Won’t Let Them Marry

Everyone is hearing through the grapevine that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are getting married secretly. Is it because of Drake that the duo is going for a clandestine wedding? Drake surely would not be the happiest person on the earth if the two tie the knot.

The 32-year-old Minaj is all set to say goodbye to singlehood and embrace the role of a married woman, and the 28-year-old Drake is losing his mind over this. An insider has told HollywoodLife, if Minaj becomes Mrs. Mill, it would surely “be some of the worse news Drake’s heard all year!”

According to the source, Drake is going nuts thinking about his ex-girlfriend’s nuptials. He is in a state of denial and just can’t understand how can Minaj marry someone like Mill. The source said with conviction, “Deep down, he’s got a love for Nicki.”


There is no smoke without fire. The rumors about Minaj’s wedding started when one of the close acquaintances of Minaj revealed to Media Take Out that the Minaj and Meek were getting married in NYC on Oct. 21, 2015. Both Minaj and Mill’s family are flocking to NYC on Tuesday night. The duo would give a performance at Tidal Concert and then tie the knot.

Drake who does not give much heed to rumors is smitten by jealousy bug this time. A source of Hollywood Life has told that Drake has made plans to stop the wedding. “He wouldn’t let her go out like that. He’d show up at the wedding and would be that guy objecting.”

The source has communicated that though Drake and Minaj are not together, but he can’t take it that Minaj is with someone else. Drake has also been dissing Mill in his diss tracks out of envy.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is all upset that her fiancé and ex-love, whom she considers her friend now, are not on good terms with each other. She told New York Times, “You don’t ever want to choose sides between people you love.”

Photo Source: Drake/Instagram

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