Drake, Councilor Norm Kelly surprise Ryerson fans

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Drake, Councilor Norm Kelly surprise Ryerson fans

There’s one man who is there on every social media platform, news and conversation. Any guesses who’s he is? He’s none other than Drake. Yeah, the man who is being accused for Tennis star, Serena Williams’ US Open loss. Now he’s in the news for his presence at Ryerson University  on Friday night. Read on for more.

News is that the 28-year-old  Toronto rapper shocked everyone by his presence at the Students’ Union Parade. The presence was shocking as there were no early notifications of his coming to the parade.

As per reports of CTV News Toronto, the rapper also joined Norm Kelly who is the councillor of the old city.  Norm Kelly referred to Drake as a Canadian hero.The short meet was so effective that Kelly defended his guest over Meek Mill obligation that the rapper do not write his own raps. In response to this the new friend of Drake posted,” You are no more welcome in Toronto.” This tweet not only gained the popularity but was retweeted a thousand times.

Not only this, the Canadian rapper also chose a different way to thank Kelly for his support. The 73-year-old councillor was invited to attend the annual OVO Fest in Toronto in last August. At the end of the event, the two men posed for the camera.

The excitement and happiness of the students present at the event was so high that in no time, Twitter was flooded with the tweets of local students.

Well, at last the rapper managed to bring smiles to faces of many through his unexpected appearance, otherwise since the time Serena lost her match he only faced anger from the well-wishers of the lady.

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Photosource: Facebook/Drake 

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