Is Drake Dating Chris Brown’s Ex, Karrueche Tran To Make Him Jealous?

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Is Drake Dating Chris Brown’s Ex, Karrueche Tran To Make Him Jealous?
Chris Brown

The animosity between Chris Brown,26 and Drake,28 does not seem to end. The news is Chris Brown is angry at Drake these days, as Drake is hitting on his ex sweetheart, Karrueche Tran.

Brown just can’t take it that Drake tries to woo his ex girlfriends every time. First he tried to pursue Rihanna and now he wants to romance Tran.

On October 16, Drake was seen with Tran. They were both chatting and having a good time. According to Brown, Drake is just jealous of him and that’s why he wants to date his exes.

As reported by Mail Online, in 2012 the two also had a duel when Drake was dating Rihanna. Drake sent a champagne bottle to Brown along with a note in which it was written, “I’m f***ing the love of your life.” The two fought with punches and bottles after that.


However, after the meetup on 16 October, Drake and Tran have not been clicked or seen together by paparazzi. But a source has told Hollywood Life that Brown only expects that Drake would chase all his past ladies.

An insider said, “Chris is glad he’s able to be of service to Drake yet again” as Drake always inserts Brown’s name in all the music he creates and goes behind his past romantic interests.

Chris Brown also feels that Drake would always be jealous of Chris Brown because Drake can never have sex with Chris Brown’s ex ladies as hot as he had. “Drake can still smell Chris’ scent on Kae and Chris knows that’s why Drake will be forever envious of him.”

Don’t know whether it’s coincidental that Drake gets attracted to Brown’s past girlfriends or he approaches them deliberately to make Brown jealous. Fans only want to know when the two would settle for peace.

Photo Source: Facebook/Chris Brown

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