Drake-Rihanna Romance: RiRi Still Holds A Special Place In His Heart

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Drake-Rihanna Romance: RiRi Still Holds A Special Place In His Heart
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Drake and Rihanna’s romance has never died or faded away no matter how many times they separate. The ex-lovers reunited and separated last year but what is notable is Drake’s vocal expression of his love for his ex-flame.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez have been in a steamy relationship. It was a surprise to know that they are in a relationship and they are reportedly in love despite the huge age gap. However, Drake just cannot focus his gaze on a single woman even if he has a girlfriend. Before the relationship flourished, it was gone and he has moved on so fast.

Drake And Rihanna’s Romance Still Alive

The latest on his “philandering” ways was the shoutout he did two days ago during his Dublin concert. He announced, “It’s somebody’s birthday today—somebody I have a lot of love for and a lot of respect for.” It was for Rihanna’s February 20 birthday where she turned 29. The 30-year-old rapper admitted that he still loves RiRi so much according to Hollywood Life. He ended his birthday shoutout with a collaboration song with Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Work.

During the 2016 VMAs, he introduced Rihanna who won the MTV Video Vanguard Award as the woman he has been in love with since he was 22. He considered her as his best friend in all the world. Such words of endearment were never said to any other woman.

Obviously, Drake still holds the Love on the Brain singer close in his heart. On February 12, Drake wished her good luck at his London concert wishing she wins for the Work collaboration. Unfortunately, she did not win.

Is the Hotline Bling singer sending feelers that he wants to pursue Rihanna again? He must make up his mind so that the Diamond singer will believe him this time.

Drake was recently reported to have partied with an old girl pal Winnie Harlow. Onlookers say that they got so cozy even in the presence of Jourdan Dunn and Adriana Lima. Harlow (22 years old) was partying with Kendall Jenner (21) at Cirque Le Soir but later move to another place. She went straight to Drake’s private party and spent the night with his pals.

How can he win Rihanna back if his womanizing is still ongoing? The singer wants a mature relationship that was built on a strong foundation. Drake must start building up a serious life if he wants to have her for life.

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