Drake And Serena Williams’ Intense Kiss: A New Love Story In The Making?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Drake And Serena Williams’ Intense Kiss: A New Love Story In The Making?
Budding Love?

There’s more than just tennis happening at Wimbledon. Wonder what? The long-talked-about duo, Drake and Serena Williams were caught in some hot new action. Read on to get the complete scoop.

Post her super win at Wimbledon on July 11, the 33-year old Serena Williams was caught with her lip locked with Drake, 28.

The duo had been in the ‘suspected relationships’ diary for quite some time now. They have a history that dates back to 2011. They were spotted flying around together, and Drake was reportedly present in many of her matches.

There was indeed some speculated spark between the two, but recently it rose to a flame.

The duo was celebrating Serena’s victory in Cincinnati, absolutely unaware of the “sneaky stalker” who was hanging out in the valet section of the restaurant. The duo emerged and got engaged in an intense lip-lock which was caught by the stalker’s camera, reports BET.

In spite of the grainy video quality, the people making out are quite visible, and has created a major buzz over the internet.

The video shows Drake getting conscious all of a sudden, as if realizing the presence of the stalker and his camera, and quickly sneaked into the awaiting SUV.

Although Serena has been very rigid about declaring that they are just “good friends,” Drake has been by Serena’s side throughout the tournament,” an insider informed The Sun.

The Canadian rapper is also showing green signal to the rumors of their budding love by posting a picture of Serena after her big Wimbledon win on Instagram. He captioned it saying, “Showtime Champ. A big plate for all that food you ate at Wimbledon!”

What is your opinion? Do you think it’s a deep-rooted relationship, or just friends with benefits? We will keep you updated about it.

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Photo Source: Facebook/SerenaWilliams

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