Dramatic Entrance Indeed! John Goodman Unveils Healthier Self On Red Carpet

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Dramatic Entrance Indeed! John Goodman Unveils Healthier Self On Red Carpet
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According to E! News, Actor John Goodman (“The Big Lebowski”, “Monsters, Inc.”) debuted his appreciably leaner frame on the red carpet last Thursday for the opening of his movie “Trumbo” at the BFI London Film Festival. Read on for more details.

The 63-year-old alum from “Roseanne” has been very vocal about his battle with his inconsistent weight. After losing nearly 100 pounds, the award-winning actor disclosed to a magazine about how his weight issue has been hounding him for most of his life.

“It started when I was a kid. I’d lock myself in the house and sneak food,” he said. “It gave me great pleasure to eat—it’s part of an alcoholism personality.” Goodman added.

Popsugar reports that Goodman owes his triumph to the basics, which are diet and working out. He cut out sugar and exercised six days a week, this was responsible for the shedding off of the substantial 100 pounds.

Goodman said, “It takes a lot of creative energy to sit on your ass and figure out what you’re going to eat next . . . I wanted to live life better.”

Looking at Goodman and his more slender physique, his longtime tussle with weight loss after being ordered by his doctors to act on his body’s unhealthy state has definitely paid off.

It is a well-known fact that efforts to slim down is no easy feat and we are more than happy for the acting veteran on his amazing achievement. No pun intended but the proof is in the pudding; just look at his side by side before and after pictures.

Goodman has also admitted in an interview with David Letterman that his weight tends to fluctuate and that he was “pushing 400” lbs. at his heaviest. (via People Magazine)


Photo Source: Popsugar, Getty Images

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