DreamWorks Animation ‘Home’ Movie Sequel to Be Released in Comics?

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
DreamWorks Animation ‘Home’ Movie Sequel to Be Released in Comics?
The sequel to the DreamWorks Animation movie ‘Home’ will be released in the form of a comic book.

The story of Oh, Tip, and the rest of the Boovs may have touched quite a lot of hearts in there with its heartwarming story, as the aliens move into the planet Earth in the 2015 movie, “Home.” While the sequel to the DreamWorks animated movie has not yet been announced, the story may be continued in the form of a comic book. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Fans who wish to see the misfit alien named “Oh” along with his human partner-in-crime named “Tip” once again following the release of the 2015 DreamWorks animated movie, “Home” may find the duo once again, but this time, their tandem is bound to hit the comic book realm.

According to Rotoscopers, Titan Comics recently expressed their interest in publishing a comic book version of the movie, “Home.” The comic book version will be written and created by Max Davison and Matt Hebb. The synopsis released by the network goes like this: “The Boov are an alien race trying to make Earth their home, but they really don’t get human culture!”

The synopsis does not differ in any way from the movie version, but it would be pretty interesting to see how the story would play out in the comic book realm. Fans would of course be missing “Big Bang Theory” star’s Jim Parsons, who became the voice behind Oh and “FourFiveSeconds” singer Rihanna, who voiced for Tip. The first issue will be released in August.

For those of you who are wondering if there would be a sequel to “Home,” the answer is very unlikely. According to NY Times, the 2015 animated movie, which costs roughly $270 million, only raked in about $145.3 million in the international market and $154.6 million in the U.S.

Add to this the fact that DreamWorks Animation continues to lose revenue based on its first quarter loss of $54.8 million. The company received a hefty amount of revenue following its release of “How to Train Your Dragon 2” in 2014 on TV, but the network’s earnings still failed to keep up with its losses.

Jeffrey Katzenberg admitted that his company was going through a “transitional year” but expressed confidence that the company is going in the right direction.

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