Drew Barrymore Reveals Relationship With Husband Was Never Love at First Sight

By Rey Martin | 2 years ago
Drew Barrymore Reveals Relationship With Husband Was Never Love at First Sight
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In her recent interview, Drew Barrymore revealed that her relationship with her husband was not love at first sight. Read on for more details about her revelation.

Some relationships do not start with love at first sight. Just like Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman’s. In Barrymore’s latest interview for the November 2015 issue of In Style Magazine, the 40-year-old veteran actress said that she did not originally realize that Kopelman was “the one” when they first met. However, she described her husband as a “classy human being” who is always reachable on the phone and someone who has an incredible blueprint of a family that she does not have.

According to People Magazine, the couple has been open about their differences in the past. They said that they are actually “polar opposites” when it comes to expressing likes and dislikes, which they described as a hard task.

Barrymore also revealed that she fell in love with her husband because he embodies the power of choice. She added that Kopelman always chooses to be a good person each and every day. She also talked about their struggles and said that they have made many concessions and compromises. The actress avoids talking about her past relationships. She said that she does it intentionally out of respect for her daughters. The couple got married in 2012 and they share two daughters–Olive (3 years old) and Frankie (1 year old).

Barrymore and her family celebrated Olive’s third birthday last month with a tiger cake! She posted a photo of the cake and captioned it: “I just had no idea it would be the radest and most hilarious tiger cake on the planet. Happy birthday to one of my two daughters, who are, simply put, my whole universe.”

Take a look at the photo below.

Photo source: Instagram/Drew Barrymore

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