The Drop: Synopsis and Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
The Drop: Synopsis and Review [WATCH VIDEO]
Tom Hardy at the premiere of Locke in Birmingham, 16 April 2014

“The Drop” is a crime/drama film directed by Michael R. Roskam and written by Dennis Lehane. It opens in theaters on Sept. 12, 2014. The cast members include: Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, John Ortiz, James Gandolfini, Ann Dowd, Michael Annov and Matthias Schoenarts. Read on to learn more about “The Drop” review and synopsis.

“The Drop” Synopsis:

Bob (Hardy) works as a bartender in a bar used to be owned by his cousin Marv (Gandolfini). Chovka (Annov), head of the Chechen mobster, has taken over the bar ownership. The bar is frequented by illegal dealings, hence a “drop bar” — a place where a huge amount of dirty money is exchanged to keep from the prying eyes of the police.

Marv is resentful about Chovka taking over, so he orchestrates a hold up. Two masked men robs the cashier with $5,000 while Bob is currently in charge. Chovka, pissed about what happened, orders Bo and Marv to recover the money.

“The Drop” Review:

The film received a fair score from the critics. In Rotten Tomatoes, “The Drop” has been given 80 percent, while it was rated 60 on Metacritic.

John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter mentioned in his review that Tom Hardy owned film.

“The city isn’t the star of the film, nor is Lehane’s excellent dialogue, and neither is Roskam, here making a sure-footed jump to America after his Belgian debut Bullhead. The picture belongs to Tom Hardy, whose astonishingly sensitive performance even the great James Gandolfini steps gently around,” wrote DeFore in The Hollywood Reporter.

Meanwhile, Variety’s Justin Chang also praised Hardy’s performance.

“Tom Hardy gives another terrific performance as a Brooklyn bartender in writer Dennis Lehane’s adaptation of his own short story,” said Chang in his review.

What do you think of “The Drop”? Do you agree with the critics that Tom Hardy gave delivered one helluva performance? Let us know by posting your comments below.

There you have it for the synopsis and review of “The Drop.” It opens in theaters on Sept. 12, 2014. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more news and updates on upcoming films.

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