Duchess Kate Returns To Her Royal Duties

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Duchess Kate Returns To Her Royal Duties
Kate Middleton

The trio of Prince Harry, Prince William, and Duchess Kate was once again spotted at the Rugby World Cup match cheering and sharing some cute moments together.

Despite the presence of three Royals, together they had a blast as Prince Harry was supporting his nation England and on the other hand, the couple Kate and William cheered for Wales. Reminding the readers that Prince Harry is Honorary President of England Rugby, the official hosts for the World Cup, while William is Vice-Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.(via Celebitchy)

The match certainly lived up to the hype, as Wales made the most stunning comeback in World Cup History, beating England and becoming the first Northern hemisphere team to do that. William and Kate were beaming at the final score: Wales 28 / England 25.

Showing support for the team, Kate wore a blue Reiss jacket and a red scarf (the same red scarf that she wore on Christmas in year 2012 and in Canada). The look was completed with gold dangly earrings. Telling the readers that red is Welsh Team color. Not just Kate, Prince William was also seen in a red colored jacket with a white shirt and a dark blazer, reported Hello Magazine.

While watching the match, the couple was observed to be connected to each other and William had his arm around Kate at many moments, which was just cute.

The presence of Duchess Kate made it important after she made a visit to the prison last Friday, the sequence of a serious event followed up by a fun event. We must say, Kate is undertaking her royal duties so well after her maternity leave, since welcoming her daughter Charlotte in May.

Enjoy some of the snaps of the Rugby World Cup match.

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Photo Source: Celebitchy


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