Duck Dynasty Season 11 Cancelation Due To Low Viewership?

By Nathalie | 2 years ago
Duck Dynasty Season 11 Cancelation Due To Low Viewership?
Duck Dynasty

No one expected that Duck Dynasty would create such a huge success and would reach a 10th season. The show does not star the typical Hollywood good looking people. But rather, a family that basically live on a swap. And they are thriving from it.

Duck Dynasty first aired in 2012 and fans were not sure how to take it. Then as the show progressed, the character captured the fans by their unusual and unconventional ways. Yes, there are similar shows but the Robertsons have something in them that is so charismatic and so reliable that fans cannot get enough of.

When the series reached its Season 4, the Robertson family and the reality of the show made headlines almost everyday. Duck Dynasty served as some sort of a breather from reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Real Housewives where characters basically show off their luxurious lifestyle and mediocre problems.

The Robertson family, however, is not like the Brown family of Alaskan Bush People whose selling value is the struggle. In fact, The Robertsons are a comfortable family, just living in a swamp. The series has a lot of funny moments and lifestyle practicality that attracted the fans.

Now that Season 10 just ended, fans are wondering if Duck Dynasty will be renewed for one more season. Unlike previous runs, the renewal this time around is much more uncertain. This is probably because of the declining viewership of the series.

As reported by The Bitbag, the series gained 11.7 million viewers during its Season 4, which was considered the peak of the show. Then the ratings declined constantly since then. In fact, Season 10’s premiere only gathered 1.3 million viewers that are a substantial decline.

Just by this fact alone, it can make A&E consider canceling the show. Maybe this is the reason why the network has no word yet regarding on Season 11.

Will the dedicated fans gather and support the renewal of Duck Dynasty? Is it time for a social media campaign/petition?

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