Duran Duran Unstaged the Concert Movie Review

By admin | 5 years ago

Duran Duran UnstagedDuran Duran Unstaged was first live-streamed on YouTube two years ago. It was the collaboration between filmmaker David Lynch and the band. The project is now on the market for distribution. The director appeared at the beginning of the flick and welcomed viewers to his experiment .

Lynch superimposed color representations of lyrics over black-and-white images of Duran Duran while they’re performing on stage. Fans of the new wave band complained that they can’t see the band clearly over the superimposed layers. Fans of the director would object that there’s too much of the band on stage that doesn’t warrant part of the title, which is unstaged. You would either love it or hate it.

Duran Duran Unstaged is Lynch’s first feature length project since Inland Empire released in 2006. The director confessed that he was very happy to be working with the band. But the same thing might not be the same for the viewers.

Lynch superimposed images, such as an open-mouthed wolf during the performance of Hungry Like the Wolf, lights in a tunnel during Being Followed, and spinning globe for Planet Earth. While the director expressed his enthusiasm over the project at the beginning of the feature, Duran Duran looks lazy.

But their looks don’t matter because they sound crisp as they performed their 80s hits such as A View to a Kill, Girls on Film, and Rio. They also performed their early 90s songs such as Come Undone and Ordinary World. Come Undone was almost impossible to enjoy as Lynch superimposed images of hotdogs on a grill.

Peter Deming camera work is deemed useless due to Lynch’s superimposed images. The same could also be said about Noriko Miyakawa’s editing of the feature. The live event was a sight to see. The same could not be said with the feature film.

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