The Durrells: New British Drama Expected To Match Popularity Of Downton Abbey

By Nimfa Idea | 2 years ago
The Durrells: New British Drama Expected To Match Popularity Of Downton Abbey
The Durrells

The Durrells, the new British drama from Channel 7, is drawing similarities to the phenomenal drama Downton Abbey. They were produced by the same network, ITV and filmed scenes in the same location.  Could the Durrells match or even surpass the popularity and success of the Crawleys as it gears up for Season 2?

Angus Ross, Channel 7’s director of programming believes that the hole left by Downton Abbey is a big shoes to fill. But he believes they have had a brilliant start with The Durrells. They are going off next week to do a sophomore season.

Ross told News.AU that the new drama was the first UK drama that has really grabbed him since Downton Abbey. “It’s a perfect piece of midweek escapism of us and it looks so different to anything else on TV,” he added.

The Durrells concluded its first run in May with only six episodes. It was penned by Men Behaving Badly scriptwriter Simon Nye and helmed by film and music director Steve Barron.

The first season received mainly positive reviews from critics as well as good figures. The ratings for the premiere episode averaged 29-percent.

It was also watched by more than 6 million people and becomes the network’s highest rating show since September 2014. It is given that Downton Abbey is one of ITV’s top shows and it was not that easy to bid farewell to a multi-million dollar dynasty.

The series was based on Gerald Durrell’s autobiographical book trilogy of Corfu memoirs. The storyline focuses on Gerald’s mother, Louisa (played by Keeley Hawes), who struggled with life in Britain following the death of her husband. She made the bold decision to move her four children to Corfu. The move from Bournemouth to the Greek Island took place in 1935.

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