Dwayne Johnson Sings In New Disney Movie “Moana” 2016

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Dwayne Johnson Sings In New Disney Movie “Moana” 2016
Dwayne Johnson

It is official, Disney fans. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has finally signed a deal with Disney Animations to voice the lead male character in a much-awaited musical animated movie. The “Fast & Furious 7” actor will showcase his vocal prowess in the upcoming 2016 Disney film, “Moana”.

According to Billboard, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be singing as Maiu in “Moana”, which is slated to premiere in 2016. In previous reports, it was revealed that the “Moana” movie tells the story of a young Polynesian girl and her adventures in “Oceania,” an ancient south Pacific world. The Rock will voice the Maui, a demi-god who will help Moana search for a fabled island.

Dwayne took to Instagram to share his excitement in doing the voice of Maui. The actor revealed that he just had a 2-hour meeting with the Disney executives to discuss their latest project.

“In the background my homies Fred & Wasabi from #BigHERO6 are jumpin’ for joy joy cause they heard I’m gonna sing in the movie.”

Dwayne Johnson actually sounds like a pretty good singer and we are all excited to see how he will take on the role of Maui in the Disney film.

Fans of “The Rock” enjoyed his performance in the pilot episode of the “Lip Sync Battle” as he sang Taylor Swift’s, or as Dwayne called her Tay Tay’s, hit “Shake It Off.” If you can remember, back in the holiday episode of “Live with Kelly and Michelle” in 2014. “The Rock” also surprised his fans by wearing a onesie and sang Elvis Presley’s hit song “Here Comes Santa Claus.” Dwayne Johnson can definitely sing, don’t you think? We can’t wait to see a new side of the pro-wrestler in the Disney film.

Disney’s “Moana” is directed by John Musket and Ron Clements. The film hits theaters on November 23, 2016.

There you have it on the latest news on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his deal with Disney. Are you excited to see him sing in “Moana” when it hits theaters in 2016? Sound off in the comments below.

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