Dwayne Johnson is Taking No Prisoners With Vin Diesel Feud

By Prabhu Prasad | 2 years ago
Dwayne Johnson is Taking No Prisoners With Vin Diesel Feud
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is apparently a man of his words. He doesn’t mince it. He says something and he stand by it irrespective of the circumstances.

Very few have had a career transformation as successful as Dwayne Johnson. Made a killing as a wrestler for decades, came to Hollywood, took it by storm. He has a rather peculiar habit of being brutally honest at times. Perhaps, that’s what happened a couple of months ago. He made a couple of derogatory remarks on his Fast 8 male co-stars. Turns out, he sticks to his guns even to this day.

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel Feud

Earlier in August, Dwayne Johnson posted a few something on Instagram. Besides, he was all praise for his female co-stars from Fast 8. He wasn’t quite holding a similar regard to his male counterparts, however. Furthermore, he called them as “candy as–s” and “chicken s–t”. Without a doubt, he came under severe criticism too.

Many tabloids had it that he and Vin Diesel had a tussle going on for some time. In addition to that, some went on to speculate that they had a physical altercation too. Los Angeles Times spoke to the actor recently and learns that the actor doesn’t regret his statements at all. Besides, he asserts that he was very clear with what he spoke!

The Rock
The Rock With His Co-stars [Source: Wikimedia Commons]

The Latest Statements

The Rock is taking no prisoners with his lifestyle and way of doing things in Hollywood. He states that he had apprehensions in the beginning, but he has found his niche in the industry today. In addition to that, he’s one of the highest earning actors too. His success speaks for themselves and he’s banking on it too.

He takes a lot of pride in his achievements and says that he’s in the game a long time. The 44-year-old wrestler doesn’t shy away from confessing the conversation with Universal after his statements. He further adds that he was raging in real during some of the filming too. Mr. Hobbs is definitely a bit more tenacious this time around then!

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