Dwayne Johnson Wants Armie Hammer To Play Shazam

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Dwayne Johnson Wants Armie Hammer To Play Shazam
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Dwayne Johnson is one of the most successful actors currently. He has been involved with a lot of projects and Shazam is one of them.

Though the project has been delayed and no actor has been chosen to play the hero opposite Johnson’s Black Adam, he has offered a suggestion as to who could play the hero.

Dwayne Johnson’s statement

We Got This Covered reported who Johnson thinks will be perfect for the role of Shazam in the solo movie. According to him, The Man from U.N.C.L.E star Armie Hammer will be perfect for the role of the superhero.

In an interview with the outlet, Johnson pitched a name for Shazam because he first wanted to know how would fans react to it. Without actually taking Hammer’s name, he talked about having met a guy who he thought was really cool.

Following that he had a discussion with his producing partner Hiram Garcia,  they both decided the Lone Ranger star would be suitable for the role.

Johnson did not take Hammer’s name directly and instead just mentioned the movie’s name. Since then outlets have been running stories about Hammer being Johnson’s choice.

Armie Hammer as Shazam

In the previous fan-casts, Hammer has been included as a good choice for Shazam. But the question is,  is he the right person for the role? He is taller than Johnson, which would make him look good when he stands next to the wrestler turned actor.

But since currently, he is not at all in a superhero shape, he will have to beef up should he be chosen for the role.

He would also have to work on his comic timing considering Shazam is actually a boy who was granted powers of six Gods.

Another DC role

Even if Johnson thinks Hammer is good for Shazam, the latter is reportedly attached to another role. There is no confirmation about it but going by the reports, fans might see Hammer get introduced in DCEU as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.

For the last few months, Hammer has been trolling fans and has liked Henry Cavill’s Green Lantern related posts on Instagram. He also liked a Green Lantern tweet from DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, which set off all these speculations.

Since he was also on the shortlist of actors for Green Lantern, fans believe he will soon officially be announced as the superhero in DCEU.

Other choices for Shazam

Apart from Hammer, there are other good choices for the role of Shazam. One of the top choices is Baby Daddy star Derek Theler. Theler has campaigned for the role in the past and there are multiple fan-arts to prove how good he will look in the role.

Given his physique and comedy timing, many fans want to see him play the superhero opposite Johnson. Fans have also pitched Liam Hemsworth and Daniel Cudmore’s name for the superhero role.

Hemsworth has the looks and the childish attitude to play the hero while Cudmore’s physique and superhero experience makes him a good choice for the role.


No official plot for Shazam has been revealed yet but the movie will pitch Shazam and Black Adam against each other. However before the movie can start shooting, DC has decided to give Black Adam his own solo movie before he can appear as the main villain in Shazam.

Johnson’s character is also rumored to be the main villain of Man of Steel 2 but the news has not been confirmed yet. But Johnson did confirm that his character will fight Superman in near future without revealing the movie’s name.

Release date

Shazam has been scheduled to release in 2019.


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