‘DWTS’ Denies Bindi Irwin With Contract Money; Court Asks To Produce Father’s Proof Of Death

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
‘DWTS’ Denies Bindi Irwin With Contract Money; Court Asks To Produce Father’s Proof Of Death
Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin, participant of “Dancing With The Stars” has been told that she would not be paid for “DWTS”” until she proves her father, Steve Irwin is dead. Irwin’s late father was a crocodile hunter and had died after being stabbed by a stingray in Australia.

The 17-year-old Irwin obliviously would have been upset that she is being asked to prove her father’s death. Her father has passed away in 2006, while he was filming a documentary. According to TMZ, Irwin’s mother, Terry has given up her rights to her teenage daughter’s money. Her mother has signed the contract.

So, Irwin is grown up now! But the L.A court judge wants Irwin, who is still a minor to produce a similar release, like her mother has provided that her father has given up his rights to daughter’s earned cash.


It is imperative, so that she can claim right to $230,000 (£151,000) that she has earned from participating in “Dancing With The Stars”.

It seems Irwin’s lawyers would have to provide a death certificate in court, so that the issue related to the contract can be resolved and Irwin could receive her money.

As reported by TMZ, according to the judge, due to lack of proof available “the court is unable to find that it is in the best interest of the minor to be bound by the terms of the contract”.

Irwin so far has been impressing fans and judges with her performances. She is partnered with Derek Hough. If audiences keep liking her performances, she could also win $30,000 (£20,000) for weeks 8 and 9. The amount she can earn for weeks 10 and 11 is $50,000 (£33,000). See Irwin’s pictures here.

Irwin has also given a heart touching performance at “Dancing With The Stars” earlier and which she has dedicated to her late father. The performance had left everyone teary eyed. Hope Irwin’s contract case gets resolved as soon as possible and she gets the money, as the lingering issue can affect her future performances.

Photo Source: Bindi Irwin/Instagram

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