Dylan O’Brien Reacts to ‘Star Wars’ Rumors

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Dylan O’Brien Reacts to ‘Star Wars’ Rumors
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore | “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’Brien as the new Spider-Man?

Last week, “Lego Movie” filmmakers Christopher Miller and Phil Lord announced that they are going to make a “Star Wars” spin-off focusing on”a younger Han Solo.” When that news broke, a lot of fans expressed that they are rooting for “Teen Wolf” star Dylan O’ Brien to get the role. Read on for more details.

During the Comic-Con 2015 panel in San Diego for “Teen Wolf,” MTV News reported that O’Brien was asked if he is down to play the younger version of the iconic character.

“That’s so cool… it’s so cool because that’ll be the dream. I texted Wes about it when I read about that movie and I was like, ‘dud, you have to direct this either way,’ because Wes is the biggest ‘Star Wars’ guy ever… but then again it also just gets s my hopes up, and then I won’t hear about the roles professionally.” O’Brien said.

Well, at least he’s down for the role! He added, “That’s a dream role for a kid my age.”

The upcoming “Han Solo” movie may still be far away now with a target of 2018, but the team behind the movie may already have their bets on who would play Han Solo. O’Brien is definitely one great choice for the movie.

The 23-year old actor has proven himself very good in acting with his “Teen Wolf” series and “Maze Runner” he is surely an awesome candidate for the role of Han Solo. Also, let’s consider the fact that he is something of a heartthrob these days, no wonder why he has a lot of fans rooting for him to get this bigger role on the big screen.

The release of “Maze Runner” saw O’Brien doing action, which he’s done awesomely and we are all witness to his amazing sense of humor as well.

Do you want O’Brien to play Han Solo? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: Facebook/ MTV Teen Wolf 16

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