EastEnders cast Ben & Derek

By admin | 7 years ago

After Ben is thrown out of the family home because of grassing his dad Phil Michell up to the police he has to resort to sleeping in the Arches his father’s garage for the night.

Derek Branning has seen Ben coming out of the arches after a night of sleeping there and Derek sees his chance to befriend Ben as he knows what problems the family are going through, after meeting Ben in the cafe he buys Ben breakfast and tells him that he is not to worry that he will help him anyway he can.  Derek takes Bens keys for the garage without Ben realising and gives Ben some money to pay for the breakfast and a bit of extra cash to put in his pocket.  Derek then leaves the cafe and heads for the garage to snoop around and check out the books.

Later Derek pays Phil a visit in prison and tells him that he knows his family are falling apart and that he can help them.   Phil has a big decision to make and accepts Derek as his new partner either that or Derek will take over his whole empire whilst he is in prison, has he made the right decision or should Derek climb back under the stone he crawled out of?

Poor Ben is in such a dilemma as to where he is going to go from here when Ian arrives and tells Ben that he can move in with him, how will Mandy cope with having this unhinged teenager living under the same roof as her as she is just about able to cope with having Bobby and Lucy there.

Elsewhere Ray turns up again in the square and offers to cook dinner for Bianca and the rest of the Butcher clan how will she cope with the news that he also has a daughter??

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