Eastenders cast: Ian Beale longest member of this soap

By admin | 7 years ago

Adam Woodyatt has played Ian Beale since February 1985 son of Kathy and Pete Beale. Poor Ian is not the luckiest man in love, his first wife Cindy cheated on him repeatedly and tried to have him shot, his second wife Melanie only married him because she felt sorry for him thinking that Lucy had cancer, the marriage lasted a full 5 minutes when she realised that Ian was lying. Wife number 3 was Laura who died after a fight with Janine Butcher and his current wife is good old Jane who he treated like a door mat when she finally woke up and smelt the coffee and left him taking the cafe with her (not literally). Ian is now engaged to Mandy Salter who is just out to get as much money out of him as possible we will just have to wait and see if she is going to be wife number 5

Peter Beale is the twin brother of Lucy, he is very much like his father and the apple of his eye. Peter’s character is a very laid back teenager whereas his sister Lucy is very rebellious and just loves a bad boy and has also been a blackmailer. She has been held hostage, mugged and she also ran away from home and now is planning something sinister with Ian’s latest lady, well if you can call her that Mandy to get her into big trouble with Ian.

Bobby Beale is the baby of the family who absolutely loves Jane to bits as she is the only mother figure he has known since his real mum Laura died in very suspicious circumstances.

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