Eastenders cast Phil Mitchell charged with Murder

By admin | 7 years ago

Phil Mitchell charged for muder

Ben has lied throughout regarding the murder, did she jump from the bridge of was she pushed? Ben has told the police that Phil Mitchell killed her and is taken away to the police station for questioning and maybe charged with Murder.

A Michell family meeting is held where Jay confronts Ben and tells him to look straight into his eyes and tell him that it was not him that grassed Phil up to the police, Ben finds this very easy and tells Jay that it was not him and Jay believes this until a bit later when Jay is talking to Abi who tells Jay that Ben confessed to her that Ben did indeed grass up his dad Phil to the Police, Jay is furious and although Phil is not Jay’s dad he thinks of him as that and tells Shirley who immediately confronts Ben who then owns up to this dirty deed but has no regrets as he hates his dad Phil, Shirley throws Ben out and tells him he can pick his clothes up from the bins later.

Where is Ben going to go now?? Shirley now has a big fight on her hands to keep the Mitchell family on track how is she going to cope doing that.  DCI Marsden tells Shirley that Phil has been Charged with the Murder of Stella, now Shirley has to try and get Ben to change his statement to get Phil out of Jail this is not going to be an easy task for her as Ben hates his father and would rather that he stays in jail so he can get on with his life without his bullying father.

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