Eastenders catch up: Phil Mitchell arrested thanks to his son Ben

By admin | 7 years ago

Ben has finally lost the plot and grassed up his dad Phil to the Police. Ben feels that he is now rid of his dad and is very pleased with himself. What will Jay have to say about this as he idolises Phil and we don’t think he is going to be very happy with what Ben has done. Derek Branning the eldest of the Branning brothers will no doubt be happy with the outcome of this as he has his eyes set on buying the garage he just has to get Ben on his side to do this.

Also will Jane take up the offer from Gethin to join him in a new business venture in Cardiff but is she prepared to leave Walford and all her friends and what about poor Masood is she prepared to leave him after everything he has been through.

Tanya’s daughter Lauren who seems to have a drink problem has decided that she has had enough of education and decides to leave full time education, not a very good idea at this time as she needs something to focus on what will Max and Tanya have to say about that?

With Ricky gone poor Bianca gets the shock of her life when Ray an old ex turns up. Ray who is Morgan’s Dad has already met Morgan thanks to Whitney who took Morgan to meet him but who failed to let Bianca know that she was doing that. Ray turns up in Albert Square and demands to see Morgan and Bianca is having none of it, she thinks he has turned up to collect the £500 that Bianca stole from him when she left him. Will she give in and let Ray see Morgan??? Watch this space.

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