EastEnders: Who was Stella Crawford?

By admin | 7 years ago

Stella came into Eastenders as Phil Mitchell’s lawyer but they soon become an item.  Ben who is Phil’s son is very unhappy about this and tries breaking them up.  Stella tries to befriend Ben but Ben is having none of this so Stella then begins the task of mentally and physically abusing Ben.

Phil proposes to Stella and on the day of the wedding Ben tells Stella that he does not want her to be his mum.  Halfway through the ceremony Ben confesses what Stella has been doing to him and Stella runs home.  Suspecting that Stella is insane Phil goes back to the square to find her, she is in the queen Vic where Ian tells her to run.  She takes the car and Phil follows her to an old abandoned warehouse where she locks the gates so Phil cannot get in.  She tells Phil about her childhood and how she was blamed for the death of her little sister and Phil then realises that she has well and truly lost the plot. He rams his car into the gates so he can get Stella when she runs up onto the roof of the abandoned factory and Phil follows her.  She is threatening to Jump unless Phil tells her that he loves her.  Phil tells Stella that he is only marrying her because he thought she would be a good mum to Ben and a good wife.  Stella is distraught and jumps from the roof killing her instantly.  Phil is immediately arrested for her murder but later released when CCTV footage shows that she did indeed jump. Why has Phil Mitchell now been arrested and charged with her murder again??

Watch this space.

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