Ed Sheeran Announces His Engagement; Who’s The Lucky Girl (Or Guy)?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Ed Sheeran Announces His Engagement; Who’s The Lucky Girl (Or Guy)?
Ed Sheeran Posted In His Instagram ‘We Would Like To Announce Our Engagement’; Who’s The Lucky Girl (Or Guy)?

Ed Sheeran is the man of every girl’s dream. Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t fall for the charming ginger-haired singer-songwriter that takes music in synch of a lovely poetry? His songs are to die for and fans can’t just hide their excitement whenever there is a possibility of meeting him personally. So, how would they react once he is engaged? Is it a heartbreaking moment?

According to HollywoodLife.com, the British singer has posted on his Instagram account a picture of him holding hands with another music artist included with the caption, “We would like to announce our engagement.” The lucky person he is with together in the photo is none other than James Blunt.

Hold your horses! Before you react in total shock, the said picture is just a huge joke. Well, that could have been the most unbelievable news this Thanksgiving Day. The photo was taken when both singers attended the annual Aria Awards in Australia last November 25, Wednesday.


In an article from MailOnline, it seems like Sheeran is definitely goofing around in the red carpet of the awards event. He even kissed the radio host guy, Rove McManus, on the lips. Then when he saw Kylie Minogue, who is his long-time friend, he took her for a waltz and they both laughed afterwards.

When it comes to the matters of the heart, the “Lego House” singer is currently in a dating relationship with Cherry Seaborn. They started becoming closer last September. They have known each other for quite some time as they were in the same academic institution in Framlingham, Suffolk.

In fact, they had a double date before with Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris in the last Labor Day weekend. The four music artists spent bonded in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ed Sheeran is an expert in pulling a prank, don’t you think?

Photo Source: Ed Sheeran/Facebook

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