Ed Sheeran And Athina Andrelos Break Up Because Of Taylor Swift!

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Ed Sheeran And Athina Andrelos Break Up Because Of Taylor Swift!
Ed Sheeran

Ladies, listen up. Ed Sheeran is now single! Rumor has it, the “Thinking Out Loud” singer and girlfriend Athina Andrelos called it quits. Apparently, the break up has something to do about his drinking problems and BFF Taylor Swift.

According to Heatworld.com, one of the cutest couple Ed Sheeran and Athina Andrelos are no longer together. Rumor has it that Athina broke things off because Ed got “spectacularly hammered” after the BRIT Awards. Source close to Athina said that the chef got disappointed with the singer’s behavior.

Fanning the flames, the insider also revealed that Ed can’t shake away “a girl that kept bothering him that night.” If one can remember, Taylor Swift has declared her love for Ed during the BRIT Awards. During her acceptance speech, Taylor gushed about her friendship with the singer, which obviously did not sit well with Athina. It was said that she asked her boyfriend to “ditch Taylor” but he cannot do it.

The following day, Athina drove Ed to the airport and broke-up. The couple felt that it would be “unfair” for the both of them to continue seeing each other after all that has happened.

Several online channels claim that Ed’s grueling schedule also took a toll on their relationship. The singer have been busy touring around the world, promoting her album which left Athina feeling “neglected.”

A source close to the couple told Mirror that the couple have been fighting non-stop and their latest argument seemed to be “more serious”.

“It looks as though the relationship might have run its course,” the insider revealed.

There you have it on the latest news on Ed Sheeran, Athina Andrelos and Taylor Swift. Do you think Ed and Athina broke up because of Taylor Swift? Sound off in the comments below.

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