Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera’s Song ‘Dirrty’ on BBC Radio 1

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago

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Many know Ed Sheeran for his soulful songs, but who’d have guessed that he’d have quite a hand in covering a few songs done by other artists too, not to mention that they’re off his usual genre? Well, he did just that on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge!

In the last week of February, BBC Radio 1 posted a video on YouTube, showing Ed Sheeran covering Christina Aguilera’s song ‘Dirrty’ for the Live Lounge segment of ‘Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw’. Though he didn’t actually get to do it with all its sexy dancing singing and dancing, just listening to him sing it out is good enough for any fan itching to see him try it out.

No doubt, Sheeran was also quite proud of himself for being able to cover the song, as he even managed to work out on Redman’s rap verse in the song. He actually tweeted Aguilera about his rendition of her song, saying, “Oi @xtina I covered you,” followed by a link to the video.

Live Lounge is one of BBC Radio 1’s segments, and it features singers belting out their own versions of songs made famous by other singers. Aside from Sheeran, they’ve also previously invited the Arctic Monkeys to cover one of Drake’s songs as well as the Kings of Leon to cover Robyn’s.

Aside from his performance at the Live Lounge, Sheeran also read out, or rather made up, a rather interesting weather report, upon the request of BBC Newsbeat’s Tina Daheley. He also played a game of “Eds or Tayls” with his friend Taylor Swift, who was with him in the show. In this game, they were alternately asked of questions about the other to see how much they knew each other by now. Sheeran won, giving him the chance to tweet whatever he’d like to tweet through Swift’s own Twitter account. In the end, he tweeted his own selfie, captioned with, “#innit trend that”.

So, what do you think of Ed Sheeran’s version of “Dirrty” by Christina Aguilera featuring Redman? Post your comments below.

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