Ed Sheeran Debuts New Love Song ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ About Relationship with Weed

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Ed Sheeran Debuts New Love Song ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ About Relationship with Weed

While performing at a New York gig, the 24-year-old English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran has released his new track in which he is talking about his love for marijuana.

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer who is famous for singing romance driven songs over the past one year has debuted a new ballad titled, “Sweet Mary Jane” at the Forest Hills Stadium in New York.

With an acoustic guitar on his shoulders and a loop pedal, Ed Sheran sang about his love for the Class-B drug with lyrics featuring lines such as: “I woke up early looking out my bedroom window at the Amsterdam sky/ oh baby I was high last night.” Later in the song, he refers the weed as “the one,” and asks the audience, “I am so damn high/ can you see my eyes?”

The British singer has been in the States on his ‘X’ tour and his fans from the Northern America has reportedly loved his edgy performances from singing about heartbreak to singing about marijuana.

The Grammy Award-winner ended the set with a version of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” and “Fancy” a cover of Iggy Azalea and Charlie XCX.

On Twitter, many fans of Ed Sheeran has praised “Sweet Mary Jane” with one posting, “How does Ed Sheeran make a song about smoking weed sound so lovely.” Whereas a fan has also posted that Ed Sheeran should lay off the use of alcohol and weed as it could lead to his downfall.

Apparently Ed Sheeran isn’t the first pop-star to sing about his love for cannabis. Miley Cyrus also sang about marijuana in “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” and the famous 1975 song “Chocolate” also refers to the world famous drug.

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